Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliia rodionova_tattoo


Now a tattoo is almost everywhere considered a way of self-expression. It is chosen by people close to subcultures, artistically gifted, passionate about the aesthetics of tattoos.

If you are a fan of a beautiful tattoo, then you will definitely love the work of Rodionova Iuliia. Iuliia’s tattoos are unique in that they have a bold style: they are detailed enough, and amazing strokes and shadows will not confuse her with another.

Currently Rodionova Iuliia is considered one of the top masters in Blackwork, Black&Grey, Dotwork tattoos.

The tattoos of the master Iuliia are similar to the result of some kind of mystical ritual. They are like marks on the bodies of people. Unusual, but nevertheless very interesting and attractive. From the point of view of the execution technique, this is still the same Black&Grey, Dotwork, Blackwork, in the semantic sense it is a mystery.

Such tattoos are subject only to an experienced master who correctly and accurately applies the image to the body.

  • Rodionova Iuliia has her own unique style. She often adds his various ideas from life to his tattoos, making the tattoo drawing more vital.
  • Rodionova Iuliia works in Europe.
  • She has international experience in Germany and Luxembourg.
  • Participant of international tattoo conventions in Germany.
  • Conducts trainings and seminars.

Her work has been published in an international tattoo magazine. And also on the Polish website dedicated to tattoos.

Now almost 8000 tattoo fans follow the portfolio of Rodionova Iuliia @rodionova_tattoo on Instagram. Good customer reviews and compliments from people from all over the world emphasize her professionalism and talent as a tattoo artist.

фото: Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliiaфото: Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliia

фото: Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliia

фото: Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliia

фото: Tattoo artist, illustrator Rodionova Iuliia rodionova_tattoo

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