The Italian influencer Deivis Subashi reaching the top 5 luxury in the world


The Italian influencer Deivis Subashi due to the popularity of the snapshots of his glamorous lifestyle and creative outfits, has accumulated more than 1 million followers on the platform and is expanding his empire on the social network instagram very fast, reaching the top 5 luxury influencers in the world.

In addition to this, Deivis Subashi immediately made himself noticed in the London fashion week, in which he was the protagonist.

According to launchmetrics, a marketing platform, Deivis Subashi made 40K during London fashion week.

The influencer also participated in some events during the Paris Fashion week, we’re he was spotted with the digital entrepreneur/ blogger Chiara Ferragni at the Balenciaga Show.

However, the most important event of the year in which he participated is:

Luisa Via Roma x Unicef.

A major charity event during the year in Capri, where world stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Leonardo DiCaprio have attended.

The influencer’s road is still long and certainly full of new projects, which will lead him to be more and more successful.


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